About Me

Alma & Ella
West Coast Ellavines is named after our Great Grandmother Ella Ellavine Gilbertson-Lee.

Our Grandma Jeanne (Ella's daughter) grew up during the depression and learned how to USE everything with little or no waste.  She was amazing in the kitchen and could cook for an army with little or no warning using what she had in the pantry. I was always in awe of her cooking!

Growing up, I assumed my grandparents were terribly rich, their house was like a museum (decadent) and we were always expected to behave in a very proper manner.  Turns out I was raised by two of the best garage sale and thrift store shoppers on the planet!  
Erica & Kersten
My sister Erica (whose blog is East Coast Ellavines) and I  have been thrifting and garage sailing for well over 10 years and learned how to do eBay from our Grandfather who with Grandma Jeanne taught us the joy of the treasure hunt! 

Our homes are decorated with our unique finds and our repurposing projects. The comments that we have gotten over the years about one project or another inspired us to open a booth and sell our fabulous finds! 

Since we opened the shop my sister has moved to Maryland and I must forge ahead until she moves back to Spokane. Until then we will share our adventures from the East Coast to the West Coast.