The Repurposer

I never gave myself a title until I opened up a shop with my sister and people started asking me what I do.  The first time I used the title "repurposer" was in a Flea Market and a lady asked me what I did and I told her that I was a repurposer (I pick up free or cheap items at second hand stores and make them relevant).  The woman who ran the booth next to ours came over and said "Thats what I am!  I can now tell my husband what I do"!   

Until recently I didn't realize that I was eco friendly either (which is awesome), everything I make or sell in the shop is second hand. My hobby is fun for me and great for the environment!

This all started years ago with my mom and sister and a conversion van.  We would load up all the kids and take them garage sailing until they couldn't take it anymore.  We decorated our houses with our finds, sold stuff on eBay, gave gifts and accumulated a lot of crap. 

Every summer my sister and I would have a HUGE garage sale of our own (we had to, our husbands demanded we get rid of the "stuff"), and they were always great successes!  If someone was interested in something we made sure they left with it...we are pros at running the GS!

So after 12 years of fine tuning we opened a space at a local flea market where I sell my creations and what do you know...I am doing really well!  Hope you stay tuned for the latest find and creation...