Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thrifty Bedroom Makeover

Finally decided on the direction I wanted to go with my bedroom after I found the necessary accoutrements at my favorite local thrift shops. I bought the bed, dresser, armoire and nightstand a couple years ago at a junk shop for $135.00. I couldn't fit the armoire in my teeny tiny bedroom so that piece had to go (at least it is still in the family).
The bed skirt is made up of 2 1/2 valances and I used the leftover material from that to make a pillow for my bed which cost me around $10.00.  The drapes ($30.00 which are around the corner) have a coordinating pattern to the bed skirt and make the room so cozy!
Since the pattern is colonial I had to go with a couple of barn stars ($34.00) to finish it off, and found the duvet set on eBay ($96.00) in a perfect shade of butter.
The ladder shelf I picked up at an estate sale last year for $10.00 (pulled it from the shop yesterday) so that I could put my t.v. and chochkies on it.
All in all my whole room cost me a little over $300.00 and it is one of a kind!
Looooove it :)


  1. You need to take a picture of the shelf wall. I also want to see a close up of the bed. Share girl...Share!

  2. Now ruffles on pillows. You just started sewing, and it never ceases to amaze me how crafty you are :)